Summer Camp Information

Whether your child is just about to begin kindergarten or about to head to high school, we have a camp for you. We will be discovering old classic board games, card games, and better understanding the work behind video game making. We will be diving head first into the summer utilizing our Gaming theme. Through this theme, your student will practice language strategies to help plan, organize, write, read, and comprehend. For those in the pre-kindergarten through kindergarten camp, we will work on the foundation skills for reading, writing, and communicating effectively. For our school aged students, we will be using our evidence based reading and writing strategies to improve reading comprehension, reading fluency, writing conventions and organization, communication techniques, and much more! We will have a snack each week that students will create by following directions and sharing with friends their connections to the snacks we eat. We also are offering a math group for students who need help boosting their math skills or to help students keep math concepts fresh for the next year! Simply fill out the application located below, and we will hold a spot for you!

We will also continue to see clients on an individual basis. Individual times are on a first come first served basis.


Information about the camps