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Services Offered


Please contact us if you are interested in receiving a speech and language evaluation for your child.

In Office Services

Study Groups

  • Language Therapy

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders Therapy

  • Childhood Apraxia Of Speech Therapy

  • Articulation Therapy

  • Study Skills

  • Reading Skills

  • Auditory Comprehension

  • Memory Strategies

  • Retrieval Strategies

We offer study groups on Monday and Thursday evenings for students 4th grade and older. Students are encouraged to bring homework or projects to study group as we connect language and learning in a group environment. We utilize our research based, language strategies to increase your students understanding of the material and ability to complete projects in a timely manner. Students are accompanied by speech language pathologists and tutors that are well versed in our language strategies. Please contact us for availability. 

Offsite Services

  • All In Office Services can be completed at your child's school if deemed appropriate

  • IEP Meetings

  • Professional Education for Schools

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