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Being a Speech-Language Pathologist During Covid

I get asked frequently what is it like to be an SLP during Covid, or how is your business coping with the pandemic? The short answer is, we are making it. It is difficult to navigate uncharted territory, but we all persist and know it will get better eventually.

To all of my families,

Here is my long answer for you. I miss you all. I know I can see your children's beautiful faces online or even in the office, but I miss you. I miss the days of getting hugs and high fives. I miss being able to show how proud I am of your students because the mask hides the smile. Please know, I am smiling! I miss the carefree nature of my parents. The office was a place for you all to let go for a little while and enjoy watching all your students could do. Now it is more stressful as you consider virtual versus in office. If we come to the office, are we safe (as much as we clean, I would hope so!) If we do virtual therapy, will my child attend to the task? You parents are the real heroes right now in my eyes. You make the best decisions for your children, but I can see your doubt and questioning. Please know, I am here, I am listening, and I am so proud of how you all have handled this pandemic.

To all of my students,

I love you all! You make waking up early, staying out late, and everything in between so worth it. I had never imagined loving my job so much. The reason is because of you. You all have been so graceful in your transition from in person therapy, to online therapy, back to in person therapy. You all have found new ways of showing your excitement and have been a ray of sunshine in my life. You come to each session with a smile and ready to learn. You laugh when technology makes things a little more difficult and show me grace when I hold things up completely missing the camera! I cannot wait to celebrate your victories in person and to give you a hug. I have missed you all. This new school year will be different, and I have a feeling there will be lots of new changes and rules. But, to all my students, you are resilient, brave, and capable. You will thrive.

Thank you to everyone who has continued to let us see your students and trusted us with keeping you safe. You all deserve a nice, long vacation when this all ends!

Lots of hugs (Virtually, of course!) Morgan

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